Laughology by Albert Nerenberg - Full Movie - Free

Laughter is free and now so is Laughology

See the first ever feature documentary about laughter for free.
Has something amazing been hiding right in front of our faces? Literally.
In a world that is far too serious, Laughology exposes the incredible potential of something we all receive at birth. Meet the man with the most contagious laugh in the world. Explore the Tanzanian Laughter Epidemic, and the incredible laughing church and discover the origins of Laughter Yoga.
Directed by award-winning Director, Hypnotist and Laughologist Albert Nerenberg, (You Are What You Act, Stupidity, Boredom) Laughology was the first film to take a deep dive into laughter, it's origins and why it is contagious.

No someone is too serious. The film chronicles Nerenberg's transition from overly serious journalist to Laughologist. If he can laugh, anyone can.

The National Post wrote: "Laughter has never been so thoroughly explored in a film as it is here.""