Laughter Yoga in Egypt Laughter Yoga is fast catching up in Egypt as people are becoming more and more aware of the enormous benefits of this unusual exercise routine. Laughter Yoga facilitators in Egypt especially Dr. Ute Devika Meinel feel that Laughter Yoga is the best way to spread joy and peace in the country. She feels that people today need to laugh more as it will help them to improve their level of well-being and joy. She organizes Laughter Yoga facilitator courses regularly to promote the concept and bring out the best in people, by helping them to overcome their obstacles and resistance so that they can unfold their full potential and live the life of their dreams.
Participants of these courses and laughter sessions feel that Laughter Yoga is a wonderful way to release stress and depression. It makes you feel energetic, alive and takes you back to being a child once again. People in grief or having health problems have reported miraculous recovery with regular practice of Laughter Yoga as it has the ability to shift one's mental state almost instantaneously.
So your motto should be 'Laugh & Thrive.' Ha ha ha"

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"Rire ce n'est pas fuir la réalité, c'est plonger corps et âme en pleine existence"  Alexandre Jollien

Choisir de rire

Le Yoga du Rire est une pratique, pas un divertissement.

Notre organisme ne fait pas la différence entre un rire intentionnel et un rire spontané

On obtient les mêmes bienfaits physiologiques et psychologiques au bout de 10 à 15 minutes de rire ample volontairement soutenu. 

Un entraînement régulier est nécessaire et permet d'améliorer notre équilibre physique, mental et émotionnel.

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